T&L activity of the week – Question Box

question boxThis strategy is really useful for student-led AFL. It can be used as a connect activity, recapping prior learning, as a consolidate or as a method of formative assessment during the lesson.

  • On small strips of paper, students write their name and a question they would like to ask about a topic/issue.
  • Students fold up the strip of paper and put it in the
  • Students each take a question out of the box (making sure it is not their own) and try to answer it.
  • Students find the person who wrote the question and tell them how they would answer it.

It’s great for encouraging group work on a topic students have already covered, but the ‘random’ element keeps students on their toes and accountable, whilst giving you an idea of what the tricky questions are and who feels confident in answering them. See Jennie Sanderson for resources and examples.

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