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One of the most important recent developments in UK education is the emergence of a thriving “blogging” community on teaching and learning and education policy. There’s a fantastically well-informed and thought-provoking debate taking place on all the key issues in UK education, and its being led by practitioners – teachers, senior leaders and experts up and down the country. Reading blogs is fantastic CPD – a great way to stay connected with all these debates, as well as being a brilliant source of lesson ideas and resources.

So we’ve added a “Blogroll” to the PA T&L website to help you find useful material. It’s just to the right of where you are reading, right now.

This list will grow over time, and there should be something for everyone. There are subject specific sites in here (including English, Maths, Art, Science, ICT and Physical Ecucation) as well as general blogs on T&L, school leadership and education policy.  If you hover over the link for each blog, you get a short description.

In future, I’ll also post links to specific blog entries of interest from around the web, such as Tom Sherrington’s thoughtful post on what it takes to get a ‘great teacher’ reputation or David Didau’s brilliant discussion of the evolving role of ‘Teacher Talk’ in his lessons. 

A quick disclaimer – linking does not necessarily mean PA endorsement! There are obviously lots of views out there, and many controversial issues in education on which to disagree. These bloggers hold a range of contrasting views, but its good to join in the debate.

Please let me know if there are any blogs or online resources you read that you’d like to me to include on the blogroll or to flag up more generally.


2 thoughts on “Education Blogs

  1. Esther

    I just read the “Teacher Talk” article by David Didau which was what I needed to remind myself of this approach! Thanks for flagging it up!


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