T&L drop-in with Brighouse and Woods!

Magnificant SevenIt’s not every day that we have INSET delivered by some of the country’s leading thinkers on school improvement and Teaching and Learning, but we’ve been lucky enough to start this term with a Monday afternoon T&L drop-in session from Sir Tim Brighouse and David Woods.

The session covered lots of ground, starting with their experiences in leading school improvement and focussing on what’s required to deliver progress, both in the classroom day-to-day and at the whole school level. David and Tim spoke about how we can develop evidence-based practice, with suggestions for how departments can focus on practical action-research that develops teaching practice. The holy grail is to get teachers talking, incessantly, about teaching!

Attached below are the slides from their talk, and in the next post we’ll focus on Tim and David’s ‘Butterfly challenge” to us for the next few weeks…

T&L drop-in with Tim Brighouse and David Woods

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