This much I know about…lesson planning

A really thought-provoking and comprehensive post on lesson planning from John Thomsett. Some alternatives to how we plan lessons at PA, but lots of ideas here!


I have been teaching for 24 years now and at the age of 47, this much I know about lesson planning…

Ask any set of students for the five key features of a good teacher and they will give you essentially the same answer: good teachers are enthusiastic; they make lessons fun; they know their subject; they respect us as adults; they help if we don’t understand. All lesson planning should derive from this knowledge.

Teaching is simultaneously simple and complex. To cater for the different needs of each student in a class of 30 individuals is a hugely complicated task, yet there is a small number of core teaching practices, like effective questioning, which are essential to all good lessons.

You have to know who is in front of you. We have begun using reading ages in Year 7 and Year 10 as a key indicator of academic capacity…

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