Making Feedback Meaningful

Fantastic post on practical AfL and self assessment in Maths.

Class Teaching


The 15 Minute Forum tonight was led by maths teacher Shane Borrett (@BorrettShane).  Shane talked us through how he has been working at ‘closing the feedback loop’ with a couple of simple strategies.


As a starting point all students are given a ‘level ladder’ (like the one above) for each new topic, which is then stuck in their exercise book.  This shows students where they are are and what they need to do in order to progress to their target level – in that particular topic. A similar document is also available for GCSE.


At the end of each topic students are given a self assessment sheet, like the one above – again to stick in their book.  They use the level ladder and feedback that they have received during lessons to complete it.  A completed example follows:


This encourages the student to think about their own learning against the assessment criteria and provides them with with…

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