Great Lessons at the Wellington Festival

Pete Jones attended Tom Sherrington’s session at the Wellington Education Festival this weekend. This post links to his fantastic series on the features of great lessons. We’ll be featuring more on this soon.


It was a real thrill to take part in the Wellington Education Festival this year.  I was overwhelmed by the level of interest, with people packed into every corner and many more who couldn’t get in at all. Guess what? People at an Education Festival want to talk about lessons! That’s hugely encouraging.

My slides included some images from lessons at my school, showing that learning takes many forms… with traditional ‘heads down’ essay writing integrated with group work, on-line resources, student-led instruction, peer support, tightly focused drills and more open-ended explorations…

However, the idea of a ‘great lesson’ is that it is characterised more by the habits of the teacher, the things they do routinely every day, rather than the specific strategies and structures they employ.  For me, Great lessons are all about habits.

I then went through the Great Lessons Series 1 -10, one idea at time… from…

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