Closing the gap marking

An excellent post to act upon during marking review week!

Improving Teaching

Mark better – take less time, get more impact

How do you mark twenty-five essays in an hour, while ensuring students know how to improve?
Has anyone ever found a way to ‘work smarter, not harder’?
Dylan Wiliam says they should spend longer reading your comments than you spend writing them- how does that work?
The Theory

The Sutton Trust report ‘Pupil Premium Toolkit’ listed effective feedback as the highest impact action (adding eight months of learning per year) – against the lowest cost.  They define feedback as being information which produces improvement in learning – but note that it can have very varied effect  – including a negative effect, and can be difficult to make work in the classroom.A lot of Dylan Wiliam’s writing and speaking is given over to making a couple of critical points, things not to do – which I’d like to raise briefly and then go…

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