ResearchEd 2013: What a day!

Headguruteacher’s overview of ResearchEd 2013, including videos of Tom Sherrington’s own excellent session on Action Research at his own school and Laura McInnerney’s thought-provoking talk on discovering the ‘Touchpaper problems’ in teaching and learning that we really should solve…


researchED 2013 timetableWhat a day!

One of the best things about the ResearchED conference at Dulwich College was that it happened. It embodied the concept of a practitioner-led system perfectly.  This is what ‘bottom-up’ looks like. It was a great thrill to participate in an event that brought so many education professionals together in the spirit of ‘by the people for the people’, tackling the issues we face in education on our own terms; a gathering of classroom and research practitioners meeting to exchange perspectives on the important work we all do.It was magnificent. It felt like the start of something. I hope that’s true.

Arriving at the event was like ‘Ultimate TeachMeet’ in terms of putting faces to names from the twitter world.  That’s part of this phenomenon. Social media plays a part in allowing practitioners to communicate free from the institutional hierarchies and structures that have kept us all segregated…

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