Student Led CPD – The Big 4

Amazing wise advice from students on how to improve teaching and learning…

Class Teaching

student led cpdFollowing on from this great bit of CPD last year, the 15 minute forum tonight was led by 6 members of our brilliant Student Leadership Team.  Earlier in the week I had met and briefed them on what we as teachers were focusing on this year – The Big 4…….Questioning, Feedback, Independence and Challenge.  They were then charged with thinking about and coming up with examples of good practice in these areas, based on their own classroom experiences.

As usual, they did a brilliant job.  Below is a record of their thoughts.


  • Ask us questions that make us think.
  • Follow up questions with more questions, that get more complex.
  • Get more students involved by using strategies like the lolly sticks with student names on.
  • Start the lesson with something engaging and interesting that will make us think and ask questions e.g. a big picture, a video clip, a…

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