TouchPaper Problem #2 – Productive Emotions

Laura McInerney

This is the second blogpost expanding on the TouchPaper Problems first discussed at #Researched2013

2. How can one invoke in a class the emotional state most productive for: (a) prosocial behaviour, (b) evaluative thinking, (c) memorization, (d) creation?

One of the things we do as teachers is plan activities. We figure out what students should be  know or do (or we’re told what they must know and do) and we then plan a variety of tasks that, if undertaken carefully, should mean the student ends up with whatever it was we were attempting to transfer to them.

Too often, when planning, teachers worry about the way students will feel during the tasks and less about whether or not the students will gain the required knowledge or skills. (Someone saying “I have planned a really fun lesson” is the usual giveaway for this one). On the other hand, teachers sometimes…

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