Notes on a coup: TLT13, Teaching and Learning Takeover

Another recent conference, the Teaching and Learning Takeover, held at Southampton University at the end of term. Further reports are included at the end of Harry Fletcher-Wood’s blog.

Improving Teaching

I’m miles from home, cycling up and down steep hills on badly-designed roads, with a particularly poor map: its print quality and detail are unsatisfactory, as are the cycle routes it shows, the majority of which are ‘proposed,’ the kind which don’t make a dual carriageway any safer. What am I doing in Southampton?  What are teachers from Durham, Sunderland and the Isle of Man doing here? Did I mention that it’s Saturday, and the end of week seven of an eight-week half term?


The answer to the first two questions: we were there for Teaching and Learning Takeover, a conference organised at the University of Southampton, on teaching, run by teachers, for teachers.  To the third question: it was worth it.  Here’s why:

Jamie Portman opened the day, sharing an optimistic, explicitly political message, lauding those who graft away or have the courage to lead schools.  He called on…

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