What happens when cognitive science meets visible learning?

John Hattie and Gregory Yates have a new book out – the Visiblke learning approach informed by Cognitive Science – lots to reflect on here.

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So the ‘holy grail’ of evidence-based education meets the scientific research into the ‘universal roots’ of effective teaching and learning. John Hattie has synthesised 900 meta-analyses of classroom practices over 18 years; Greg Yates has been researching the cognitive psychology of learning since 1979: the authors combine five decades of expertise in education.

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‘Holy grail’ or ‘universal roots’ for teaching?

John Hattie’s lens on the evidence in Visible Learning focuses on guidance, practice and feedback:

‘Visible teaching and learning is where the teacher and student both seek to ascertain whether and to what degree the challenging learning goal is attained, when there is deliberate practice aimed at the attaining mastery of the goal, when there is feedback given and sought.’


Greg Yates’ lens on the evidence from cognitive psychology focuses on prior knowledge, teacher expertise and student self-control:

‘Findings from the research areas of teacher effectiveness…

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