T&L activity: Group AfL and developing student responses.

A nice example here from year 7 history last term. Activities are building upon one another, week to week, in order to increase the sophistication of response. In week one students feedback on statements using a ‘Graffiti wall’. Each student has a different coloured pen and must respond to several statements around the room. High quality responses are modeled first.

Grafitti wall year 7

The next week the same class uses ‘Consensus circles’ for a similar, but more sophisticated, example of AfL. Again, students are independently responding to statements (this time about the usefulness and reliability of sources), but in their regular ‘home’ groups they must collate the responses from the rest of the class for one statement, discuss them and form a consensus view to write in the inner circle. Each table can then feedback on their discussion to the whole class, or swap sheets.

Consensus circle year 7

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