Lessons from Berger: Austin’s Butterfly and not accepting mediocrity

The power of specific feedback and re-drafts – a must-watch!


I’m preparing a CPD input for teachers at my school sharing some of my current thoughts about teaching.  One of the ideas I want to share comes from Ron Berger – and I got this mainly from David Didau and this post here: http://www.learningspy.co.uk/assessment/improving-peer-feedback-with-public-critique/

The video by Ron Berger, as featured in David’s post,  is worth watching, even if getting a first grade class to ‘look like a scientist’ doesn’t feel too close to what you do in your lessons. :

I always love the boy early on, bursting with conviction in his knowledge: “It’s a Tiger Swallow Tail”;  “I knew it!!..

There are lots of things to take from this video:

1) The nature of effective critique. Most obviously, Ron is showing that critique that is kind, helpful and very specific, focused on a well-defined outcome is immensely powerful.  He is also showing that children can learn…

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