Developing Independence

A great blog post on developing independence in science students, but the steps can be applied across every subject.

Class Teaching

independent2The 15 minute forum last night was led by science teacher Becky Owen, as this is the area she is looking at as a part of her learning innovator project.  Becky started off by saying how her thoughts have shifted around independence, as she has been thinking about ‘Growth Mindset’. She used to think about ‘Independent Learning’ as students working entirely on their own, without any input from their teacher.  The problem with this, is that without input and feedback from a teacher, students can often compound misconceptions, which are then hard to ‘undo’.  Also, they are unlikely to truly challenge themselves.

Last year, some students led a 15 minute forum on the big 4.  When asked about independence they said:

“Before we are set off to work on a task independently, the idea we are working on needs to have been explained to us thoroughly by the…

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