T&L tip: Feedback follow-up tabs

bookstack 2v2

Here’s a great tip from Molly Faulkner that’s perfect for marking review fortnight! It looks quite labour-intensive at first sight, but is actually a great time-saver and should lead to better student reflection on their blue sticker feedback. After spending ages producing beautiful formative blue stickers for this year 10 history class. Molly wasn’t satisfied with the quality of student reflection and re-drafting from some members of the class.

Instead of simply moving on, reducing the impact of all that detailed marking, Molly used book tabs to quickly annotate the exercise books and draw students attention to either incomplete reflection, like here:

complete please tab

Or the opportunity for more considered and extensive student re-working, such as here:

more tabs1

The tabs were quick to write and will help embed the expectation that blue stickers require thoughtful and full responses; creating a no excuses, no shortcuts re-draft culture that will be to the benefit of year 10 in the long-run. They also look cool.

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