Effective use of video in the classroom

Great practical tips for using video clips in your lessons

Class Teaching


The 15 minute forum tonight was led by history teacher Jack Tyler.  Jack started by dispelling some common myths about using video in lessons:

  • It will get you into trouble – not if it has a clear purpose.  Have the confidence to know why you are using it.
  • The kids will learn nothing – simply not true!  As adults we can probably all remember things we watched at school, and what we learned from it.
  • It’s the mark of a lazy teacher – again, not true.  If it is going to be used effectively, like any resource, it requires planning and thought.
  • It should only be done at the end of term – this is a bad idea.  It creates the wrong impression with students about the usefullness of video as a learning resource.

Jack then went on to share some ideas about how he uses video in his…

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