Hattie on The Educators – Know Thy Impact!

...but is it on the test?

On 20th August John Hattie appeared on BBC Radio 4’s The Educators (available on iplayer radio). Here is what I heard:

1. Teacher Expertise is the most important factor: ‘…how they think, what they do every day’… ‘I want to make every teacher as good as our best.’

2. Quality of Teaching is hard to see – parents choose schools on things they can see (these are poor proxies) – e.g. class size, better friendship groups (reason for going private?), extra curricular, uniform, behaviour. They can’t see the teaching.

3. Class Size has a very small effect …teachers don’t change how they teach when they go from a class size of 30 to 15.

4. Type of school is a distraction… forget academies, private, state, free schools, charter schools, TEACHING IS WHAT MATTERS!!

5. ‘Should individual teachers have autonomy?’ is the real debate……

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