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T&L activity: Fox’s thinking tool.

Here’s a great example of an extended group work activity that can be structured for different group sizes and facilitates in-depth thought on a key question. Full instructions and resources are attached here. The example picture is from year 11 Science last term.

Fox's thinking tool

Fox Thinking Tool Instructions

Fox Thinking Tool Pieces

T & L activity of the week – Thinking Hats.


This strategy is very useful for encouraging high level thinking and can be easily differentiated. It can be used as an activate or demonstrate task in which students are required to analyse a topic using different thinking skills.  

  • Allocate a hat to each student in the group (possibly allocating the white hat to the less able and the green hat to the more able).
  • Each student investigates a topic using their thinking hat.
  • Teach what they have found out using their hat to the rest of the group.
  • Consolidate the task by possibly completing a written summary for each hat.

T & L activity of the week – What’s in the Bag?


This strategy is useful as an engaging connect that encourages high level thinking.

  • Give each group of students a bag containing a variety of objects that are connected to the topic of the lesson.
  • In groups, students work out how the objects are connected and what they have to do with the lesson topic.
  • Each group then feeds back to the class.