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June #blogsync – My Best Classroom Explanations

The always excellent Laura McInnerney sharing three great, and very different, examples of how to explain. The overall message is powerful. We should be less assertive that a single method of explanation is the best and instead focus on what working out what works best for our own students at a particular time in their learning. The key is having lots of strong strategies and knowing when to use them.

Laura McInerney

This month’s #blogsync asked education bloggers to describe “an example of a great classroom explanation”. The theme is inspired by an Alex Quigley blog on “Top Tips for Explanation”, itself inspired by Joe Kirby’s “What Makes Great Teaching?” It’s an important issue because all teachers know that the way we explain things matters for how successful student learning is.

Problem is, I’m not really sure what counts as an explanation.

So below are three different types of explanation that successfully helped my students learn something and which might give you some ideas for explanations in your own classroom and also might show why debates about ‘teacher’ vs ‘student-led’ learning are often a bit odd. Alternatively, maybe you won’t think one (or any) of them, is really an explanation. That’s okay, but let me know why in the comments so I can ponder the distinction…

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