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GCSE Art tracker wall

Here’s an awesome idea from Liejhe’s GCSE art class that brings AfL to life for students, keeps wall displays up-to-date, and interactive, and makes them relevant for your tracking and teaching. It is a great way to efficiently keep tabs on exactly where your students are within an extended project.

Liejhe has found that students often have problems planning their final GCSE piece.  The most common gaps in their sketchbooks tend to be evidence of this kind of planning and thinking.

So to bring this to life for the GCSE group, and help them understand the success criteria for each task along the way, the GCSE tracker wall was born. The aim is to show students, in a clear and accessible visual format, what each task could look like in a series of exemplars along the top of the wall. Underneath this there is a ‘star’ space for the students to respond. When they think they have completed this task they update the space with a post-it at the start of a lesson.

Liejhe can quickly see who’s on target or progressing well from a scan of the post-its, students become more accountable for their own progress, and everyone wants to avoid their name ending up on the ‘missing students’ list, who haven’t reported any progress.

The wall itself is a massive work of art, and lovely to look at!

Here’s a pic:

Art tracker wall