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T&L Agony Aunt!

Dear PA Agony aunt,

What other ways can I differentiate for a dyslexic student, other than using a computer?

Dear PA teacher,

Although the use of a word processor can be very beneficial for a dyslexic student, I understand that it may not always be practical for you in your lessons. Here are some other tips that you may find useful:

  • Check the student’s pen-picture. Every student will be affected by dyslexia differently, and these documents contain tailored advice for every student.
  • Check after every instruction that the student has understood what you have said. Ensure that it is part of your routine to go to that student at the beginning of each task.
  • Break words down into parts. Remember that keywords can be provided syllabically and provided as card sorts. This will help students to learn how to sequence words.
  • Use multiple visual and sensory props. Remember to include aspects of kinaesthetic learning.
  • Be patient and positive. You may not be the only one that is frustrated!

I hope that this helps!

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